Pastor Bio

Pastor Marilyn Fenderson is the founder of Marilyn Fenderson Ministries. Along with her husband, she is the Co-Founder of One Flesh Worldwide Ministries. She is a #1 bestselling Author/Co-Author, Self-Publisher, Speaker, Mentor, Christian Marriage Counselor, Prayer Intercessor, and Kingdom Builder. She is also the Relationship Coach for Wholistic Empowerment Community Network.

Pastor Marilyn has authored/coauthored 11 books. Her book titled We Put A Ring On It, is authored with her husband Pastor Francis Fenderson. it is a marriage book that’s designed to empower married couples to live their lives in harmony based on biblical principles. Her other books Tapped For God’s Blessing Edition 2 to be released in late 2022 and Tapped For God’s blessing edition 1, Spilling the Tea; A Daily Cup of Wisdom can be purchased online at various bookstore outlets. She is also a coauthor in the books Arise and Shine Devotional and Guided Journal to be released Sept 2022. Joy Comes in the Morning released June 2022, Empowering, Inspiring and Changing Live, One Story at a Time released Feb 2022, The Power of Words, The Power of Forgiveness, Jubilee of Inspiration and Queen 2 Queen which she wrote the foreword for. She has written forewords for This Tedious Journey authored by her daughter Nastassia Muhammad and Perfectly Imperfect People authored by her son Trey Fenderson. She writes blogs, magazine articles, as well as consult aspiring authors on writing and publishing their books. She has been featured in the magazines Refuse To Lose, I Ascend, The Real Lifestyle, Authors on The Rise and upcoming feature in Women Of Dignity magazine. She is named as one of the top 25 Female Business Leaders, 26 Top Authors of 2022 and 24 Triumphant Ascending Impact Leaders by two magazines. She has also been a recurring guest on the Love and Tea Lounge podcast, guest speaker on the SWAB Network and Elation Radio Shabach Saturday podcast.

Pastor Marilyn is inspired to strengthen and restore marriages through her teachings, writings and the revelation knowledge of God that is demonstrated in her marriage site Happy Wife Content Husband. God has truly anointed her for great works and she is dedicated to spreading his word through preaching, evangelizing, teaching, counseling, social media, the internet and various other forms of media. Through various television guest appearances and a radio broadcasting show that ran on air for two years, she has reached souls throughout Chicagoland and Indiana, where the uncompromising Word of God was preached with clarity and spiritual understanding.

Pastor Marilyn Fenderson was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at an early age and knew immediately that God had called her to do a mighty work. She and her husband are called to minister to married couples by relating God’s word for the purpose of renewing and restoring broken relationships. Teaching gratitude, appreciation, humility, and love for one another, and the spiritual awareness of the sacred covenant that is commissioned and ordained by God.