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Pastor Marilyn is the Co-Founder of One Flesh Worldwide Ministries, Founder/CEO of Marilyn Fenderson Ministries, Global Speaker, Podcast Cohost, Bestselling & International Bestselling Author/Coauthor, Foreword Author and Self-publisher. She is also a Christian Marriage Counselor, Relationship Coach, Mentor and Breast Cancer Survivor. Pastor Marilyn Fenderson is a wife and mother who lives to inspire her family to use their gifts for the glory of God and live their lives for purpose

She is the author/coauthor of 11 books, writes blogs, magazine articles, forewords, and consult aspiring authors on writing and publishing their books. She is named a Top Author of 2022, Top Female Business Leader, Triumphant Ascending Impact Leader, Women Making a Global Impact and 2022 ACHI Magazine Award Nominee. She is featured in various magazines articles, cover features, author spotlights, billboards in Times square NY and Atlanta as well as a speaker at Women’s conferences, numerous podcasts, iHeart radio and online radio shows both internationally and locally, with a guest appearance on Good Morning America coming soon.

Along with her husband and ministry partner Pastor Francis E. Fenderson III, she is the co-founder of their marriage ministry One Flesh Worldwide Ministries in 2003 which began as a radio broadcast on WGBX 1570 AM. They are co-authors of the marriage book We Put A Ring On It which was written to provide couples with a set of precepts to help navigate through adversity. They are both inspired to spiritually strengthen and restore marriages through counseling, coaching, teaching, as well as writings and revelation knowledge that is demonstrated on their marriage site and weekly Clubhouse room.

She founded Marilyn Fenderson Ministries which is a Christian based ministry with the sole purpose of coaching and mentoring women and youth, providing book publishing consultation and sharing God’s wisdom, word, power and love through her books, magazine articles, blog, and various online platforms. In addition, she is dedicated to performing outreach through partnerships with charitable organizations, other ministries, food pantries and shelters to provide food, clothing and various basic needs to disenfranchised and underserved communities.

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