Marilyn Fenderson Ministries is a Christian based ministry with the sole purpose of evangelizing God’s word through various platforms. Knowing that God will watch over his word to perform it and every word that goes forth out of his mouth will come to pass. This ministry stands on that precept and is ordained to assist in the manifestation of your visions and calling through the reformation of your thinking.

This site is designed to create a global transformation of mind and spirit through the divine revelation, literary works and teachings of Pastor Dr. Marilyn Fenderson.

Pastor Dr. Marilyn Fenderson is dedicated to sharing God’s wisdom, word, power and love through her authored books, magazine articles, blog, videos, audio recordings, social media, book self-publishing and consultation. She is considered to be a change agent who is equipped by God to shift your mindset so that you will know who you are called to be by understanding God’s word and his plan for your life.

As a Cancer survivor she knows the power of healing and total restoration which has empowered her to testify on how God’s miraculous and divine presence enabled her to live her life on purpose for purpose.

She is passionate about coaching and mentoring women and youth as well as motivating them to step out of their comfort zone and think outside of the box while encouraging them to seek God’s word as they walk in their destiny.

She is also dedicated to performing outreach and partnering with food pantries to provide food for families in need. Battered women’s shelters, homeless shelters and nursing homes to minister to residents as well as provide clothing and various personal needs.

You will be inspired by her writings and messages which are delivered with power, authority and true conviction so that you are motivated to live your life on Godly principles.

“God is the architect and I am the master builder, therefore he has given me the tools to spiritually build, restore and revive the broken spirit through the revelation knowledge of his infallible word and the direction of the Holy Spirit.” #PastorMarilyn 

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