This Tedious Journey by Nastassia Muhammad (Includes shipping &handling)

This book will take you through my Christian journey and the struggles I endured as I walked the path that led to my destiny. It provides a means of interaction with the reader which enables you to journal your life’s experiences as it relates to mine.


Spilling the Tea; A Daily Cup of Wisdom #STTADCOW (shipping and handling included)

“Spilling the Tea: A Daily Cup of Wisdom” is an anthology of inspirational affirmations that have been downloaded into my spirit through divine revelation from God. It is thirty one declarations of wisdom that will inspire you to live a purpose driven life by disconnecting yourself from ungodly rhetoric and divisiveness.


Tapped For God’s Blessing. #TFGB (shipping and handling included)

Tapped For God’s Blessing is a guide to uncovering your God given assignment through the gifts that are deep inside of you and understanding that it’s all made possible through God’s blessing. This book will help you to learn how to understand God’s covenant and unlock unrealized potential so that you can recognize your true calling.


Pastor Marilyn Fenderson is one of the contributing Authors in this new book release by Award Winning Author T.K.Ware
Pastor Marilyn Fenderson is blessed to write the Foreword for this dynamic book by Award winning Author T.K. Ware.


Pastor Marilyn Fenderson is a contributing author in the book Jubilee of Inspiration by Author T.K. Ware.