The Spirit of Jealousy

The spirit of jealousy is a stronghold spirit that will obstruct your vision, block your blessings and destroy your sanity.  It is a spirit that creates division and strife in your relationships whether it’s family or friends. It is evil, vile, disgusting and deceptive and will cause harm to you if challenged. Proverbs 6:34(ESV) For jealousy makes a man furious, and he will not spare when he takes revenge

Jealously caused Cain to murder his brother Abel because of the favor that he obtained from God by offering a more pleasing and acceptable sacrifice. This is where the bible demonstrates jealousy between family members. Your family and close friends are familiar with you, they know your secrets, and they know your truth. They can’t see you for who God has ordained you to be because they can’t see past who you use to be.

Oftentimes the spirit of jealousy may rise up in some relationships if you’ve outgrown or surpassed them. Satan will use those who are closest to you as distractions to keep you from ascending to your highest level of blessings. His mission is to kill your spirit, steal your joy and destroy your sense of peace. You must not allow haters to destroy your destiny. Their purpose is to derail you from your assignment because they don’t know who they are.

Jealousy will also cause you to miss your blessings when you are busy showing hatred towards others who are blessed. Don’t get mad at them because they’re walking in greatness, and you want to remain in mediocrity. Allow God to cleanse you and remove the spirit of jealous so that you can operate in your God given gifts. You will experience the spiritual freedom that enables you to live a victorious life so that your assignment will be manifested on earth.

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