Divine Purpose

Your divine purpose is basically your reason for existing, it is your reason for being on this earth. It is something that aligns with your spirit, it is something that you do that is effortless, it’s what comes naturally. It’s what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. It is a joy that you feel when you’re operating in your calling, assignment, or gifts that God has place inside you. When you know your divine purpose, you will allow the Holy Spirit to guide you towards your destiny and what action to take to get there. You will live a life that is more intentional so that your thoughts are always aligned with God.

Jesus’ divine purpose was ordained before the beginning of time, his destiny was to die on the cross to defeat sin and death and to reestablish our relationship with God the Father. Therefore, he knew what he was brought down to earth to do. Before Jesus’ death, Mary anointed His head with an expensive jar of perfume which revealed why he was on earth. She did this before the people so they would know that He was the Saviour that they had been waiting for. God has anointed you and set apart the people that he has ordained for you to influence, lead and set free; you are the one that they have been waiting for.

So, when your vision doesn’t materialize and your dreams are not fulfilled, you must have confidence that God is not finished with you. Have the faith to diligently seek his direction for your life. I encourage you to get before God, lay prostrate in your prayer closest, or get into a quiet place, meditate on his word so that you can get instruction on what your divine purpose is. Then allow the holy spirit to lead you to why you were put on this earth. Be intentional in your assignment because it is up to you to recognize your divine purpose and understand that it is not for you, it is for God’s people.  

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